Piedratajada (“Chopped stone”)


Piedratajada is located in a stony valley, on a “chopped” mound which explains the origin of its name. It is located 50 kilometres from Zaragoza, taking a detour through Las Pedrosas, through the CV-810 road.

This municipality was linked for years to the work of the stone (quarry) and also to the vineyards, conserving numerous ancient cellars excavated in the rock. These wineries allowed to preserve the wine, since they are in the subsoil where the temperature is constant, which is the ideal condition for the fermentation of the must.

Nowadays, some of these wineries (when indicated outside with a sign) may be visited.

It is also worth seeing the old ice well, now reinstituted, which is another legacy of the long history of the village. This well is located on the outskirts of the town, very close to the village well-known raft. Local people are also very proud of a very old stone cross at the entrance of the village. It was renovated a few years ago and entrusted to San Isidro.

Once in the town you can also discover the church of San Sebastian of Levantine Gothic style, which was transformed in the sixteenth century, to expand its volume and elevate its head. From its location, on the top of the village, the temple watches over its streets and houses, becoming the guardian of time and local history.

Route 3: Valpalmas-Piedratajada