The name of this town refers to ‘dunum’, which means fortress, like the splendid one this town has proudly conserved.

This tower, owned by the Diputación Provincial de Zaragoza (DPZ), is 26 meters high. It is a magnificent example of fourteenth-century Gothic military architecture now restored by the provincial institution to turn it into a centre of interpretation on everyday life in the Kingdoms of Aragon and Navarre in medieval times, as Navardun was a bordering line of those two regions. The Val de Onsella Tourist Information Office is located in the same building.

Nowadays, this impressive tower welcomes visitors to the town in its old fortified walls, although there are only some remains left.

Located 136 kilometres from Zaragoza, Navardún also has a beautiful church, Our Lady of the Assumption and two annexed villages: one is Gordúes, now uninhabited, and the other one Gordués, with a small population and owned by the Dukes of Villahermosa.