Located in the southern foothills of the Sierra de Santo Domingo, the town flows alongside its river, the Arba de Luesia, which gives its name to this municipality, differentiating it from the other ‘Arba’, in Biel.

Luesia, whose name comes from Lusia, is located 128 kilometres from Zaragoza, in a unique natural location, at the foot of the Sierra de Santo Domingo. It combines a wild and amazing landscape with the beauty of the monuments preserved by the village, like the Church of the Saviour, one of the best Romanesque examples of the region, or San Esteban church, today converted into a beautiful museum and tourist office.

This town, is also an example of historical coexistence, for the important Jewish colony that lived in it, which in 1404 was formed by 120 to 135 people, living in about 30 houses, mostly located in Barrionuevo.

But this town’s history goes back to much earlier times since many traces of settlements that go back to the Chalcolithic and the Neolithic, next to Luesia, in the area of Corral del Calvo have been found.

Throughout history, people were attracted to this area for its water which is now also appealing to local people and tourists who can enjoy natural pools like Pozo de Pigalo, especially in the summer when many visitors come over to cool off in one of the most emblematic natural wells and pools in Aragon.