The town is situated in the Eastern part of the Comarca, on the right side of the Gallego River, 80 kilometres away from Zaragoza.

Tourists are usually surprised by the impeccable state of the streets and buildings, as well as the beauty of Saint Ann church, patroness of the town and Miramonte hermitage where the people go to the romeria at the end of May.

San Juan de Barto and San Vicente hermitages are also very interesting to see, as is Ballester castle, a good example of 15th century military constructions, now a private propriety; it is also worth mentioning the little village called Casas de Esper which depends on the Ardisian consistory, remarkable for its wild and amazing surroundings. Close to it, is la Sierra de los Blancos, from which you can have a great view of la Galliguera marvellous landscape. An inhabited small village situated in the Northeast of Ardisa also called Galliguera is worth visiting for its traditional Aragonese houses very well preserved. Near it, St Agueda church is sadly in a worse state of conservation.

Still, Ardisa is renowned for preserving local traditions. One of them is the traditional laundry washing day in the old washing house.

Also Ardisa, offers a lot of activities in the summer thanks to its river and the only quay of the Comarca. There is a very popular celebration when people sail down the river in typical boats, enjoying the landscape along the river. At the end of the day everybody ends up partying in town.

Route 6: Marracos-Puendeluna-Ardisa