Prepyr 365: Synergy of Efforts

Prepyr 365 is a pioneering experience in which, together with the Comarca de las Cinco Villas, the Comarca de Hoya de Huesca and Somontano-Barbastro work together on a common project, also promoted by tourism entrepreneurs from the three territories involved. Thus, Prepyr offers packages that merge sports activities (such as MTB, trekking, etc.) with the discovery of amazing natural environments -in the pre-Pyrenees – that can be enjoyed all year round: hence the name 365.

Among them are two major mountain biking packages. The first one is the Prepirenaica Slow, which has been designed for leisure bikers travelling with saddlebags as it includes a series of beautiful local roads where riding in a relaxed way will let you enjoy the beautiful landscapes of this privileged land. The journey through Sierra de Guara, Reino de los Mallos and Sierra de Santo Domingo ranges passing by a series of monumental medieval villages of great beauty up to Sos del Rey Católico in a total of 182 km. The second one is the Prepirenaica all mountain, an intense and exciting weekend discovering the best enduro trails from Alquezar and Luesia designed to test your cycling skills. And finally, the 12-day Prepirenaica trekking/trail running from Uncastillo to Alquézar. Along with these proposals, there are 3 shorter and more specialist proposals: the ornithological, the geological-landscape and the botanical route.

The first includes two tours of the Cinco Villa region. One of them goes through the Mediano and Naval swamps and the other takes place around the Sierra de Santo Domingo, in Luesia. In the latter you will be able to see Egyptian vultures, red kites and necrophagous birds, such as the griffon vulture and the lammergeier, since this Sierra is home to a nesting area.

The botanic route, takes place in Alquézar and its surroundings, where there are examples of oaks, pines, beech and fir, and, in the months of April and May, orchids of great beauty, such as those that can be found in the Cinco Villas mountains of Los Pintanos.

The third proposal of Prepyr365 is the geological and landscape route. As its name indicates, it takes place in spaces of great visual impact in the rocky / mountainous formations of the Cinco Villas, focusing on The Bardenas Negras, with two options, one, from the Sanctuary of Sancho Abarca, and another, from Valareña.

From Sancho Abarca you can see a magnificent view of the natural environment, you can even see the Moncayo, since the sanctuary is located at the top of Punta Negra. There is a hostel and a picnic area there.

The other option, from Valareña, allows you to contemplate formations such as La Muela, an horizontal tabular hill, made of limestone, with great visual impact, surrounded by fields and wooded areas of pines and oaks, which cohabit with grazing fields and the irrigation of The Bardenas. In this environment you will be able to spot large raptors, such as booted eagles, short-toed eagles, eagle owls, griffon vultures and Egyptian vultures.

These natural routes are completed with one that can be done on horseback, which starts from Alquézar and ends at Sos del Rey Católico, passing through the Sierra de Luesia, which allows you to discover the marvellous landscape of that area and stay in various inns with stables.

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