20 trekking routes

The Cinco Villas Comarca, ADEFO and the Tourism Association have planned every path specifying in each case if it can be done walking or horse riding, the level of difficulty and the time –from one to six hours- each trail requires.

So the paths are adapted to people used to practising sport, and some others are more accessible for families who want to come and spend a day or a weekend discovering the Comarca, as the Tourism Regional minister pointed out.

We suggest:

1. Asín-Orés: PDF · GPS TRACK
2.Orés-El Frago: PDF · GPS TRACK
3. Valpalmas-Piedratajada: PDF · GPS TRACK
4. Luna-Lacorvilla: PDF · GPS TRACK
5. Luna-Junez-Lacasta: PDF · GPS TRACK
6. Marracos-Puendeluna-Ardisa: PDF · GPS TRACK
7. Uncastillo-Castiliscar: PDF · GPS TRACK
8. Layana-“Los Bañales”-Biota: PDF · GPS TRACK
9. Castejón-Val de Cantales: PDF · TRACK GPS
10. Val Castellar E-Valdeuquendo: PDF · GPS TRACK
11. Val Castellar O-Valdecarro: PDF · GPS TRACK
12. Castejón-Senda del Albejar: PDF · GPS TRACK
13.- Sofuentes-Sos: PDF · GPS TRACK
14.- Undues Lerda-Camino Salinas: PDF · GPS TRACK
15.- Mal Paso-Santo Domingo: PDF · GPS TRACK
16.- “La Marcuera” MTB Ride: PDF · GPS TRACK
17.- La Bardena Aragonesa: PDF · GPS TRACK
18.- Sos-Torre de Añués: PDF · GPS TRACK
19.- Sos-Castillo de Roita: PDF · GPS TRACK
20.- Biel-Pozo Pigalo: PDF · GPS TRACK