Practicing sport in an impressive natural environment

Have you ever imagined yourself having a walk in an incredible natural environment on a nice sunny day? Or on a foggy day which sparks imagination and mystery? Or discovering a snowy landscape where man is at the mercy of the immensity of its mountains?

All this is possible in the Comarca de las Cinco Villas, a privileged area thanks to its geographical location and its orography, which provides emblematic and unique landscapes in which one can practice hundreds of outdoor activities: a paradise for sports lovers, both those who like to practice it individually, and those who seek group activities programmed by the Comarca and the town councils.

The Comarca de las Cinco Villas annually promotes 70 activities, involving around 10,000 people from a wide range of backgrounds, expectation and interests. Some look for MTB, other prefer trekking, trail running or horse riding. And how about races or specific interest activities such as mycological days.

All this is possible in the Cinco Villas, since its orography possesses all the necessary characteristics for the practice of most outdoor sports, suitable for easy or family activities, and also for participants looking for more physically challenging sports, since las Cinco Villas is the most extensive Comarca of Aragon, covering all types of topography which, however, all have in common the beauty of a breath taking natural environment.

As for races, some very famous ones can’t be missed: ‘Mil Hombres” in Luna, ‘No hay pitera’, in Longás, the 40 × 4,000 and the Mountain Race, both in Luesia, or those included in the local races promoted by the Comarca usually aimed at charities funding in several municipalities, such as Biota or Uncastillo.

Other unique routes with a strong environmental component are the one called ‘The devil’s” (el diablo), between Biota and Layana, the descent of the Gállego in kayak in the summer or the hiking routes that take you to the Júnez and Lacasta uninhabited old villages (in Luna), The Bardenas Negras (Ejea de los Caballeros), the Peña de la Bailadera, in Castiliscar, or the climb to the hermitage of La Magdalena, in Urriés, which you will find among the many proposals of the Comarca organized annually for visitors to get closer to the beauty of the Cinco Villas hills.

Another activity proposal is focused on the forest areas and allows you to discover the birds and the mycological variety of the area. Finally you may visit surprising landscapes, such as the Aguarales de Valpalmas, the surroundings of Los Pintanos and the magnificent viewpoints that can be seen on the route from Castejón de Valdejasa, next to the exuberant vegetation of Luesia.

These routes are also included in a larger project, Prepyr 365, which was selected by the Government of Aragon as one of the best tourism package experience offer of Aragon in its 2016 edition, both because of its promotion of the environment and the unique great collaboration effort between all the municipalities and the Comarcas involved. Furthermore, it helps to show the unique environmental wealth of the territory from a structured and sustainable stand point.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Sierra de Santo Domingo is declared “Special Protection Area for Birds” (ZEPA), as well as “Protection Area of the Bearded Vulture”, housing a nesting area..

Due to the presence of these protected areas you can also enjoy educational routes, such as ornithological routes, as well as activities combining sport and education. This is the case of proposals such as the Futsal Value Congress that takes place in Castiliscar, which brings together more than 1,000 people, or the ‘Educating through cycling’ days, in Ejea, where more than 4,000 bicycle lovers come together

With all these ingredients, the Cinco Villas positions itself as a highly recommended environment to practice sports in a privileged territory, full of beautiful landscapes and animated by a variety of programmed activities, which can be accessed by anyone who wants to participate as long as they accept our motto: enjoy and respect the environment.